Home and Family: Better Relationships with Your Kids

As your family grows and your kids get older, you’ll find that it’s more and more difficult to stay close with them. Your kids will begin to form their own young adult identities, and it’s perfectly natural for them to want to stray away from their parents. While this may be natural, and should be allowed to some degree – it’s essential for you as a parent to keep a strong knowledge of your children’s behavior and friendships in order to make sure they’re safe and developing normally. Read more [...]

Wearing the right shoes, essential to prevent injuries

Not the first time I talk about the importance of choosing the appropriate gear when exercising. And a very important role is the shoe. Now with the arrival of warm weather many people are going to decide to get in shape, Sport medicine specialist has warned that an appropriate choice of footwear is very important to avoid possible injury. By this reason, it has developed a Decalogue with the 10 basic recommendations that there be taken into account when buying a shoe. If you're going to start, Read more [...]