Tips For Studying With Children at Home

The process of studying is not a natural ability. To be successful in school, studying is a skill that is crucial to learn. By learning how to study early on, a student will be much more successful. Time management is a big key in successful studying. Many teachers and professors will give information on testing dates. A student can use this information by preparing to study ahead of time without cramming the night before the big test. Using a planner can help in keeping up with the date of a Read more [...]

Positive Psychology in Schools

Positive Psychology centers around what makes student’s happy, founded by Dr. Martin Seligman, based on original findings by Aristotle which states that happiness occurs when you doing something with excellence. It is a more refreshing and optimistic approach compared to the opposing disease model which concentrates on what makes people unhappy and focusing on prevention.  Positive education integrates traditional school skills in addition to the creation of happiness. Integrating Positive Read more [...]