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Baby Shower Themes

Having a theme to your baby shower can help make planning and decorating easier and give your party that special touch. It helps to give the event structure and can make choosing invitations games, favors, gifts an easier task.

You can have the party focus on one particular object such as:
- teddy bears
- rubber duckies
- baby booties
- baby’s feet
- baby bottles
- diapers
- storks

Here are some creative examples of themes that you can use:

Baby’s Firsts
Help the new parents-to-be celebrate the milestones in baby’s early life such as baby’s first smile, first time eating solids, first tooth, first step, etc Each guest can bring a gift specific to that milestone.

Around The Clock
Have your shower revolve around the activities during different times of the day with baby. Nap-time, bath-time, feeding time, diaper changing time, etc. Each guest can brings a gift specific to that time of day. Also, mothers can offer tips along with their gift from their experience for that specific activity.

Nursery Rhymes
Have the party revolve around nursery rhymes such as “The cow jumps over the moon”, “Jack and Jill”, “Humpty Dumpty”, etc. Choose one that the parents-to-be plan to use to decorate the baby’s room.

Noah’s Ark
A perfect theme for twins!! Include two sets of everything in your party – Guests can bring two gifts, you can have two cakes.

Baby’s First Library
Help the little one get a good start on reading. Each guest can bring a book to help build the baby’s library. Some can get together to purchase book ends or a small bookcase for the babies room.

A to Z
Each guest is assigned a letter (assign them their letter in the invitation) Each guest is to bring a baby related item that the mother-to-be will use for the baby that begins with that letter.

Baby Sprinkle
Help those second-, third-, fourth- time mothers who simply need to a little sprinkle to replenish their needs for the next baby. Things like diapers, wipes clothes, or gift certificates are useful and will help with the new bundle of joy.





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