How to raise a child to be a well-balanced adult

As a parent, you’re no doubt desperate to raise a well-balanced, happy, and confident child; the idea that your child could grow up to be anything less is perhaps keeping you awake at night. You see, while there’s a great deal of emphasis placed on raising smart, or gifted children it can feel as though there’s little guidance for those of us who’d simply like our children to be happy, balanced, and considerate individuals. After all, isn’t that what every parent wants for their children?

The truth is it could be a whole lot easier to raise a well-balanced, happy child than you currently fear. Indeed, this parenting malarkey just requires a little patience, a lot of love, and a preparedness to listen every once in a while.

Enjoy story time together

There are whole worlds to be discovered in storybooks, so make time each evening to unwind with your favorite authors and illustrators. Stories carry with them morals and expectations, as well as endless enjoyment and fun; there are very few life lessons to be learned that won’t have appeared in the pages of a treasured children’s book at one time or another. What’s more, story time introduces a superb means of bonding with your child, as well as igniting curiosity, and encouraging language and communication skills. These moments mean so much to your child as he or she develops, and will no doubt strengthen your little one’s understanding of the world.

Offer encouragement at every turn

Your offspring doesn’t need to be told that he or she is perfect in order to have a happy childhood; in fact, constant praise can cause children to fear failure and risks disappointment when that perfect ten is unobtainable for whatever reason. Establish a home environment in which your child feels secure, confident and encouraged. Remind your child that it’s okay to stumble and get back up again, and always praise effort rather than achievement. Those gentle words of reassurance will do wonders for your child’s ability to make decisions and learn from his or her mistakes; vital attributes of a well-balanced childhood.

Pay close attention to your child’s education

There’s only so much that you can do for your child at home; between bedtime stories, established routines, and outdoor play there will be hours of the day when your little one has to attend school. Sending your child to school can be a worry, particularly if you’ve got concerns about what he or she will be taught, and how. Alleviate this worry by getting as involved as you can. What extra curricular activities are on offer? Do the school host specific programs to ensure physical and mental wellbeing? Consider a range of education options from homeschooling to schooling abroad at Singapore international schools, which is so popular with expatriate families. You will soon discover which one works best for you and your child.

Allow a little chaos every now and again

Sure, structure and routine can do wonders for a child’s developmental journey. However, a little free playtime, every now and again, can reinforce the idea of childhood fun; something that’s going to be incredibly important as your child grows up. Children need to receive a balance of work and play, structure and chaos to develop into well-balanced, rounded individuals. So, your little one likes to color outside of the lines, or sing an octave lower than the rest of the choir? Every child is different, and it’s vital that we allow our little ones to develop these so-called ‘imperfections’ and creative outlets. Life would be pretty dull if we were all the same.

Who hasn’t got time for stories, family mealtimes, and parents’ evenings? Of course, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to raising a well-balanced child; the truth is that most of us are doing a pretty amazing job when it comes to nurturing our little ones and engaging their interest. Affection, education, and nurture are essential for a balanced childhood, so be sure to offer plenty of cuddles, reassurance, and academic support as your child begins to grow and flourish. Instilling organizational skills, and ensuring your child has a balanced bedtime is simply the icing on that parenting cake; you’re doing fabulously, mom and dad.

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