It’s important that you show your loved ones how much they mean to you on a regular basis. Whether it’s a family member, boyfriend or friend, small gestures can make a whole lot of difference to your relationship. Here is 6 different ways you can show your love for someone in ways that won’t break the bank.

Cook for them
If you don’t live with this person, invite them round for a meal that you’ve cooked specially for them. Find out what their favourite food is and cook it for them. They’ll appreciate you going to all that effort to make them happy. Make sure you set the table up nicely and to purchase a nice beverage that will complement your menu.


Wear your heart on your sleeve
If you don’t often share your feelings, or often find it difficult to express them face to face, write your loved one a heartfelt letter. Tell him or her what it is you love about them and talk about great memories that you’ve had with that person. Write it onluxurious paper and put it in an envelope so your loved one can keep it and read it again, and again to remind their self what a great relationship they have with you.

Let them have the last chocolate
If you are sharing a box of chocolates or other type of delicious food with someone you care about and you have got to the last piece, let them have the last one. This is a little way to show you care about their happiness and it also makes you look like you are a generous individual.


Teach them something new
Is there something in particular that you are good at and your loved one wishes he or she would be too? Maybe it’s playing the guitar? Driving or something as little as painting your nails? Taking the time to show someone how to do something new is a great way to show you care about a loved one. Again, they’ll appreciate the effort you are going to, to keep them happy and to develop their selves.


Get a professional photograph taken together
Show a loved one how much they mean to you by booking a portrait photo of you together by the likes of Venture Studios. Don’t tell them where you are going and let them know it’s a surprise. The pictures are something you can both keep forever and are available in a range of sizes so you could both hang it on your walls or on a mantelpiece.

Make them a mix CD
Choose their favourite songs and songs that mean a lot to the both of you, then burn them on to a CD. If you are not sure of their taste, ask them innocently. A mix CD is a thoughtful gift that will show how thoughtful you are as it shows you have put time and consideration into finding music they would like.

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