There you are, looking forward to your new arrival and wondering what will be the best way to celebrate before your little one is born. He or she may be going to be a sibling to your other children or may, excitingly, and sometimes a little nervously, be your first baby.

Whatever the situation, it’s a lovely idea to throw a baby shower so that you can invite close friends and relatives to help you celebrate before all your time is taken up looking after that new bundle of joy.

Advance planning

You need to take the time to plan your baby shower properly, or, if you feel you can’t really handle it yourself, get someone else to make the arrangements. If you do ask someone else, then make sure you are consulted at every step so that you will be comfortable with how things are going and how you expect them to turn out.

If you and your partner are going to take it on, then you need to get things straight from the start. Some expectant moms would rather have a baby shower that’s just for women, but more are now making it much more of a joint affair where the males of the species are also welcome!

Many moms, and you may be one, also like to wait until they’re sure everything with the pregnancy is progressing well, so your baby shower may be several months down the line after your pregnancy is confirmed. In the end, you need to suit yourself.

The planning starts with drawing up lists, especially of invitees. Send out invitations a couple of months ahead – these can be attractive emails or traditional cards. If there are family members and friends who you really want to be there, get in touch and check their diaries and, if necessary, adjust your dates.

House or garden?

Your house is the place where your guests can congregate initially and if the weather is poor can take refuge in. It’s the garden party, however, that offers a wonderful opportunity for pushing out the boat for your baby shower and encouraging everyone to have a great time outside.

This is where you and your co-planners can be really imaginative and present a range of ideas and offerings that will have your guests impressed and thrilled with your party.

The welcome

Dress your garden and the tables you set out as beautifully as you can – this is such a special occasion, and you want your guests to remember it for many years to come. Make a lovely chalkboard welcome sign and have a table for cakes – there’s no reason not to ask your guests to bring something to eat or drink. People like to be asked to help out, so be comfortable in doing so – but don’t overdo your requests!

Have some attractive flower arrangements for the tables so that everything looks as good as it possibly can.

Food and drink

It’s probably unlikely that you will drink alcohol, but others may well want some bubbly to help you celebrate. Great alternatives are fruit cocktails, which are really tasty, and the colors can perk up a drinks table. Simple finger food is best; try not to go for greasy food that can have absent-minded fingers being wiped on special clothes!

Fun and games

Having kids at a baby shower is one of the joys of the party. One of the simplest ways to keep them entertained is to have a bouncy castle in a corner of the garden. Organize a rota of adults to keep an eye on things for safety purposes – a 15-minute session should be no hardship, and people will want to help and support you anyway.

A paddling pool is also great for kids so that they can cool off or just splash around and have water fights. You could supply some water pistols to add to the fun – and who knows, adults might also want to get involved!

Another fun idea is getting water balloons for a water balloon fight – yet another opportunity for kids and adults to have a laugh. You’ll want to fill balloons as quickly as possible, so a Balloon Bonanza Water Balloon Inflator will help you with that.

However you decide to throw your baby shower, make sure you enjoy yourself and that your guests have a good time. It is something you’ll remember with pleasure as you buckle down to the raising of your beautiful new child.

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