Electrocution Danger Points All Parents Should Know About

There are many electrocution dangers that exist in and around the home. Unfortunately, many accidents happen every single month, with children being some of the most common victims as they are really curious and do not know that they are in danger when they do some things. As an example, there are way more water electrocutions that involve children than what you imagine right now. It is the responsibility of the parent, normally the dad, to do all that is possible to reduce the possibility that electrocution can happen. Because of this, always deal with the following dangers. It only takes a second having fun at NetBet Casino or another site for the baby to wander off and get hurt.

Extension Cord Chewing

They can cause shock and electrical burns when not carefully used. If there are exposed wires you should never use the cord since pets and kids can so easily get harmed. Statistics show that mouth electrical burns in children sum up to around 50% of all the injuries related to extension cords. The good news with the extension cords is that all you have to do is keep them away from the reach of pets and kids. Also, we should add that it is a really good idea to buy the more expensive extension cords as they are simply better. When you see signs of wear and tear, replace them fast!

Sticking Metal Objects In Electrical Outlets

Many electrical outlets in your home can be reached with ease by your child. In the US there are around 4,000 yearly injuries that involve electrical outlets. As you can imagine, around 30% of them happen as children insert metal objects into outlets. Obviously, it would be difficult to move all the outlets in a home. Because of this, you want to cover them or replace with models that have child safety features included. If you do not have the money to buy anything, make some covers yourself. You can find tutorials about this on the internet.

Electric Appliance Misuse Or Malfunction

We often use electric appliances and the problem is that this can lead to being careless. With children it is even more complicated as they do not understand the associated dangers. You will want to basically be sure that you supervise the young ones if appliance use is involved and you want to be sure that proper maintenance is done with all of the utilities in the home. The manual that comes with the appliance will give you all the troubleshooting and maintenance tips you need.

Water Related Electrocution

The most common of the risks associated with the hot tubs and the swimming pools is drowning. However, electrocution is also a risk that needs to be considered by any careful parent. That is mainly because we are talking about a risk that is completely overlooked by parents from all around the world. Electrocution can happen because of faulty underwater lighting, old sump pumps, electrical wiring, vacuums and power washers that are not grounded. Accidents that involve electric cords or electric appliances that fall in the pools or tubs are also much more common than what you may think. Just make sure that you are careful and that you follow proper maintenance rules to avoid the problems. Do be around when children use anything with drowning or electrocution risk.

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