We get it, you want to be the one to give the best gift possible on a baby shower, right? But what if you’re short of time and too busy with work, what then? No worries, here are some fail-proof gift considerations for that upcoming baby shower, something that every parent will appreciate.

New baby flowers. The arrival of babies represents the joy something new, an amazing new journey, a fresh start for the new family. Therefore, every baby shower deserves a grandeur of fresh flowers. There’s no hard rule for this. Just choose a new baby flower bouquet that you think the parents will appreciate and buy those.

Baby shower kit. Sometimes the best gift is the most basic one. The issue many parents have is all the time and money it takes to put it up, with this you’re lightening the load. This gift may need a precursor, since you need to know if it’s a boy or a girl. A baby shower kit will have all the occasion necessities like mom-to be and dad to-be buttons, it’s a boy/girl banner, photo booth props, balloons, pom-poms, and so on. Also, you should give this before the baby shower.

Baby handprint/footprint plate. You’ll never know how time flies until you see babies develop from crawling, to cawing, and finally running around. Help parents remember their new baby’s priceless moment with an easy DIY baby handprint/footprint impression. Chose a non-toxic variety with photo inserts.

Baby shower customized cake. The venue might already have a cake, but it’s not a specialized non-edible cake from none other than you. Specially customized cakes available online can be as wacky and creative as you want. An example is a diaper cake kit, it is sure to be a hit with the dad and mom-to-be and all the guests.

Baby stroller and car seat combo. Help the parents and the new baby navigate the neighbourhood and far-flung places with a baby stroller and car seat combo. You can also buy a double stroller for twins. A perfect gift for any baby, plus it lets you see your gift being used continuously (and in pictures) in the years to come.

Baby shower shield cap. Looks weird, but these nifty baby tools are a must for a tear-free, happy baby. It works to keep the water and soap out of baby’s eyes, absolutely effective in preventing clogging breathing and mother/father-son/daughter bathing fights.

Go the F**k to sleep by Adam Mansbach. As a father of two, Adam knows what he’s doing. This book is too brilliant to let pass as a gift to a baby shower to new parents. Probably not for first time parents, but something repeat parents will enjoy. Those who have kids know that they will find every excuse not to go to bed and get nuts at night trying to be patient. Just reading the title will put a smile on any parent’s cheeks.

The Baby Shusher. Inspired by the last entry, this parent-favourite soothing sleep miracle for babies can put babies to sleep with rhythmic “shush” sound. Makes a great gift for parents who value sleep. Yes, there’s an actual video. Expect a ton of residual thank you notes if it actually works for their baby.

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