Your daughter has done it. She has passed her qualifications and will be setting off for university in September. The morning of logging onto UCAS was nerve-racking but the celebration after finding out she got what she wanted is an amazing feeling. You are so proud of your child that you want to reward her somehow to celebrate her hard work and show how proud you really are. Here are some ideas that show exactly that and are also practical to take to university.

Personalised Coasters
An ideal gift to celebrate your daughter getting into university is a personalised coaster with a picture of the family or of her friends from sixth form/college. She can keep it on her bedside table in her new bedroom at her student accommodation and she will enjoy looking at it especially when feeling a little homesick. You can purchasepersonalised coasters from Zippi, as well as other personalised items. Personalised items can normally mean a lot more to people than other gifts bought from the high street.

Student Cook Book
A useful and thoughtful gift is a student cook book. If you do most the cooking around the house its time she got learning before she has to fend for herself on a daily basis. There are many student cook books out there so think about the food she likes to eat. You could even make your own cook book with all her favourite dinners and even add in your secret family recipes. She will be a top chef before you know it.

Clothes Gift Voucher
If your daughter has been wearing a student uniform for the last decade she might not have a huge selection of clothes. Students like to have lots of clothes so that they aren’t wearing the same thing day after day and can keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, a clothes gift voucher could be a great gift that she would really appreciate. Think about where she usually buys clothes from or the shops she likes to browse in. The best thing about gift vouchers is you know she will spend it on clothes rather than fresher’s week and they have a long expiry date.

Pandora Charm

Finding out you’ve got into university is not a day you forget. So a lovely idea to mark the day is a Pandora charm ( if she has a Pandora bracelet of course). There are some lovely charms that are perfect for the day such as a pandora study book charm.


Kitchen utensils

It sounds like an unusual gift but it could save your daughter a lot of cash. Buying all of the stuff she will need for her kitchen at university can mount up such as pots and pans, cutlery and of course food, so if you buy a few of these things for her it will save her the expense. Look out for trendy kitchen utensils such as the Jamie Oliver range.

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