How to Choose the Right Stroller

There are so many stroller models, each of which designed for a particular use. Ideally, the right stroller for you is the one you can afford and whose powers perfectly match the challenges you’ll face. Such a stroller will keep you baby not only safe, but also comfortable at all times. Below is a professional guide on how to choose the right stroller according to

1. Your Intended purpose

If you’re working on a tight budget, a lightweight stroller whose price ranges from $25-$50 will suit you. Such a low-cost model is, however, appropriate for occasional use, and won’t last long when used on a daily basis. A slightly stronger all-purpose stroller cost $160, and above will allow you to use more it frequently. Jogging strollers tend to be huge and sturdy thus keeping your baby safe as you jog. Accordingly, they cost a lot more ($380 dollars, and above).

2. Features that count

Depending on your intended use and lifestyle, some of the features you should look out for include;

Right handlebar height; do not buy a stroller whose handlebars are so low you must stoop to push. Look for stroller handles ideal for your height and gait to avoid exasperatingly kicking its back as you push it.

A basket under the seat is crucial; as you stroll, you may want to run errands or even visit friends and carry with you some supplies and hence a basket comes in handy. Storage spaces and cup holders on the handlebars also allow you to keep pacifiers for your baby and water for you, among other things within an easy reach.

Ease of folding; you will need to fold your stroller to get it into a car or house. So, models that require wrestling to the floor will inconvenience you. Buy one that lock in its fold position and easily spring back with the slightest hassle.

3. Test-ride the stroller before buying

Take part in virtual and real test drives some suppliers provide to further assess the quality and usefulness of the stroller you are considering. Also, try fitting the floor model in your car to ensure the trunk space is enough. Have a measuring tape in hand, just in case. Make sure the frame also sufficiently strong, and not flimsy.

4. Certification

Confirm that the manufacturer fulfills all the safety and quality certifications administered by the relevant authorities. Some of the crucial tests pertain to the stroller’s stability, brakes, leg opening, retrain system and lock mechanism that would otherwise compromise your safety or that of your child.


Take your time and follow the above expertly recommended steps to acquire the stroller ideal for you. Test-riding before buying ensures the model you end up with comes with the specific features you need. Also, make sure the stroller you buy is certified; a sure indication it meets all the standards.

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