Father’s day is a time to celebrate everything your father does for you and has done for you in the past. But for whatever reason it may be, such as living in Urbanest student accommodation in London, on holiday in sunny Spain or maybe even work commitments like being at a meeting – we can’t always be with him on the day.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate father’s day. There are still many ways to celebrate long distance. Here are a few ideas to thank your father for being a brilliant dad.

Book him an experience day
The likes of Groupon and Wowcher do brilliant experience days for all hobbies and interest. Whether that’s a golfing trip, a day to the spa with his partner or a hot air balloon ride. There are many websites to get these from and many options to choose from, too. It doesn’t take much time to organise it either. Just purchase it online and then you can email him the voucher with a personal note telling him that you are sorry you can’t be there but you haven’t forgotten about him. What a lovely surprise to receive in his inbox! If he doesn’t have email, no bother, you can just print the voucher off and pop it in the post. Depending how much you’ve spent on the gift, it might be worth getting recorded delivery so it doesn’t go missing.

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Spend an hour together on Skype
Just because you can’t be together in person doesn’t mean you can’t spend any time together. Try and find an hour out of your day to have a Skype call with him. You could have a few beers together and have a great catch up.

Send him his favourite foods
A lovely thoughtful idea for father’s day when you can’t be with him is to send him a hamper full of all of his favourite treats. You could bake him his favourite cakes, add in his favourite chocolate, chutneys, alcoholic beverage and anything else he loves.

Write a heartfelt poem
If you are strapped for cash this month, why not spend some time writing your father a heartfelt letter or poem. You could mention past memories in the poem and tell him what you love about him. It is something he could keep forever and he’ll love reading it to remind him how much you love him – even though he will know that anyway.

Plan a weekend away
If it’s been a while since you have seen each other, organise a trip to see him and the rest of the family. If there is a particular place you went when you were younger, that would be a great place to organise a trip. Plan activities on the trip that he loves to do. What a great father’s day gift that he can look forward to.

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