Raising your baby smartly even when you’re on a tight budget – Few tips

You might be spending an extravagant life where you often order your dinner from expensive restaurants and go out to bingo on a whim. But the moment you find out that you’re pregnant, you have to think twice about being a spendthrift as raising a child has become a costly affair these days. You not only have to cut down on entertainment expenses but you also have to squirrel away funds before your husband arrives.

There are indeed many couples who are alarmed at the huge level of expenses which are involved in raising a baby, from buying the latest baby gear to car seats to strollers to diapers and to clothing. It has been seen that 75% of the couples are both employed before the arrival of their first baby and since the federal maternity benefits don’t cover an entire salary, every couple will definitely witness a drop in income. Let’s take a look at few tips to raise your child smartly even on a tight budget.

  • Get cheap diapers for the daytime

There are many financially wise moms who buy the no-name diapers for daytime and save the costlier brands for night time so that they can offer high absorbency during night. When you use no-name brands or even few cloth diapers made at home during the daytime, this will mean more money in your pockets. In fact, it is possible to save hundreds of dollars by using cloth diapers at the day and disposables at night.

  • Order online rebates and coupons

Most of the sites related to baby products send you samples and coupons so that you can subscribe with them, become their loyal customer and continue getting help from coupons. Suppose you have visited Djeco toys for buying the best toys for your kid, make sure you search online for a coupon which can be applied in order to save money. Everything from household items to baby food can be bought on discount.

  • Borrow hygienic things from your friends

How about borrowing gently used gear from others? Well, there are many items like bouncy chairs and exersaucers which are not used for a long time and there are many who love to lend them out. Ask for such things instead of buying them on your own. You can keep recycling such things in order to give your wallet some rest. You may also hit garage sales as they are often the best place for bargains.

  • Seek help of financial assistance programs

If you feel the need, you can even sign up for the Child Tax Benefit in a hospital and gran an allowance of $700 every month to feed your kids and family. In Canada there is a CCTB or Canada Child Tax Benefit where a tax-free monthly instalment is sent to such families to assist them with the cost of raising their child.

Therefore, if you’ve been worrying about how you could give a hassle-free future to your kid, you can take help of the above mentioned smart and easy ways of raising your child at a very low cost.

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