A fertility clinic is no ordinary clinic simply because of its nature and what it specialises in; hence, there are many points to consider when trying to decide on the best clinic for your needs. Choosing to undergo fertility treatment is a very personal decision and should be considered with great care – and selecting a fertility clinic that fits your needs is certainly no laughing matter. There are costs, travelling and waiting times, procedures, moral dilemmas, and often, emotional issues. Yet how do you choose? What are the major factors to consider when selecting a fertility clinic for your fertility treatment? Here are some important points to remember.

Are you eligible?

Clinics are institutions with their own culture and expertise – they will treat patients with specific ailments or requests. Always check first with the clinic to see whether you are eligible – some clinics have strict age requirements or will demand you to submit your BMI (body mass index). Other clinics treat only private patients.

Hence, the best way to start your selection process is not based on the available clinics, but based on the clinics to which you may be eligible.

Inspection reports and success rates

Inspection reports are results made by the HFEA to inform you on how the clinic operates. There are also success rates that are periodically published. Both are important, but should not be relied on too much – each clinic will have different operating methods and success rates, depending on their specialisation and the type of clients or patients they typically deal with. Always compare the statistics and reports of clinics that operate in a similar way, with similar patients.


Once you have your short list of clinics for which you are eligible and have compared reports and success rates, it’s time to contemplate other, but equally important factors.Making the decision to have fertility treatment is a highly personal one, and patients often need emotional and psychological support. Check the services of the clinic for support and psychological assistance.

Distance and time

Although the distance to the clinic should not be a priority, it should factor in once you’ve narrowed your choices down to two or three clinics. So should the waiting list the clinic has.

The decision to undergo fertility treatment is a very personal one – since no two women and their circumstances are alike, no specific criteria can be established except by those women themselves, and it is important that a woman feels good about her choice and therefore selects the proper fertility clinic that suits her personality and individuality best. Selecting the right fertility clinic obviously depends on many factors, which includeIVF success rates and the other important factors mentioned above – but once you’re comfortable with your choice, you can look forward to the future with ease.

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