Just because you or your elderly loved one has reached old age, it doesn’t mean enjoying a breezy spring or a warm summer’s day has to be a distant memory. There are many outdoor activities that will get you out of your room that you have been undoubtedly been cooped up in for the last few months, due to the bad weather.

No matter whether you or your loved one has a mobility problem, there are plenty of ways to make most of the beautiful weather. All you need is a bit of advanced planning and to choose activities that you are confident you or your elderly parent will enjoy.

Below are some ideas to give you some inspiration:

Go to a sporting event
Organise a trip to a sporting event such as a local football game, cricket match or even your grandchild’s sports day event. Decide which team you want to support and you could go and support them at every game. It’s a great way to get out to the great outdoors and takes little energy from you.


Take time touring new places
You or your loved one might have lived in a particular city for years but never really done any of the tourist type activities that many come to your city for. Think about taking open top bus trips to tour your area, going to local museums, going on a walk around your local nature parks or even taking a boat tour.

Picnic outdoors
Picnics are a great excuse to get outside, spend time with your loved ones and eat delicious foods. Elderly individuals can watch children run around or enjoy the buzz of outdoor activity. You could make this a regular Sunday activity, going to different parks and nature reserves each time.

Going to local markets
Discover new foods and vintage items at your local markets; you can just take a stroll around the interesting stalls or even buy yourself something special. Speak to the stall owners about what they are selling and learn something new. You may even discover a new hobby that you want to take up.


Garden Club
Join a local garden club or start a new one. If you or your elderly parent has a passion for gardening, encourage them to make the most of this interest during the beautiful weather. If your parent lives in a retirement village such as Extra Care or in a similar communal setting, they might be surprised how many others also share the same interest of gardening. They can share gardening tips with each other and work as a team to make their gardens look beautiful and bright with gorgeous flowers and plants.

Berry Picking
Berry picking is always a great way to spend time with friends and you can make delicious pies with your pickings afterwards. Why not organise a day out to go berry picking, invite your friends back to yours to bake the pies with you and then enjoy eating them together.

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