“Planning a wedding is easy.” Whoever says this is either (a) insane, or (b) so freakishly organised that the books on their bookshelves are in alphabetical order. The fact of the matter is that planning a wedding is never an easy matter, and there are many things to contend with. Aside from the wedding date, the venue, and the menu, you also have to think about other aspects such as the guest list. But here’s what you have to remember in order to have an easier, less stressful time when it comes to planning your guest list.

Make your ‘dream’ guest list

Remember that this is only the beginning, so make a list of everyone – and we mean everyone – that you can imagine attending your wedding. This might include the people you have come across that you would like at your wedding, from your English teacher to your neighbourhood eccentric. Don’t even think about the venue or your budget yet. This is just a ‘fun’ list that will serve as a guide later on. And, if you are tempted to expand your guest list even further later on, check this list again.

Be realistic

Being realistic is one key to lessening your stress when it comes to the guest list. Whilst you still have a ‘dream’ guest list, start going through it whilst already thinking about your budget and your wedding venue (a great wedding venue that can accommodate a good number of guests would be the Regent Doncaster Hotel). These two factors will greatly affect whom you will end up inviting in the end. Remember that every guest you have will add to your catering budget, your wedding favours, and so on. Try to be conservative and realistic from this point on, and choose a number that will be less than the total capacity of your wedding venue.

Start trimming

Now is the time to begin trimming your list down to the essentials. The best way you can do this is by creating some rules and regulations – and sticking to them. One popular rule would be to choose guests based on the last time you have spoken with them or met with them. Another rule: if there is a guest whom you are only thinking of inviting because you feel a bit guilty about them (perhaps because they invited you to their own wedding or they are friends with most of your guest list), it wouldn’t be a good idea to invite them, either. Even though this process can be difficult, it’s the only way to do it. Be firm.

When you have made your final decision, run through it again. Afterwards, you can begin planning your wedding details without having to worry anymore about your guest list.

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