When you make the decision of using donor sperm to assist you in having a baby, it is indeed a big decision of your life. Irrespective of the fact that you’re a single woman who wishes to conceive or a lesbian couple or you’re dealing with some common make infertility issues, there are many important questions to ask before deciding to use a donor sperm. Read on the concerns of this post to know more on sperm donors and few vital facts on deciding on this life-changing issue.

Sperm bank vs. known sperm donor

Do you personally know the donor who is going to give you the sperm? If answered yes, make sure you educate yourself on the laws with regards to sperm donation and legal parentage, particularly when you’re a same-sex couple or a single. Your personal preferences, the laws of the place and the preferences of the donor will all be taken into account. Are there any legal obligations? You may have to call an attorney who specializes in such laws.

On the other hand, if you utilize a sperm bank from where you can buy the sperm, this seems to be the best choice in case you don’t want the donor of the sperm to involve in your child’s life. In majority of the states, any anonymous sperm donor isn’t allowed to express or show parental rights over children who were conceived from their donated sperm.

Considering if a sperm donation bank is reputable and trustworthy

There are definitely trustworthy sperm banks like but still you require doing your bit of homework and research before deciding which one to use. If you’ve hired a fertility specialist, she might help you with some names. Enquire about the way they keep records or how they will notify you if there’s some genetic problem or medical issue in the reports of the donor. Also know whether or not the sperm bank restrains the number of donations which a specific donor can make. This could control the total number of siblings who would be related to one another without their knowledge.

Checking the medical history of the donor

The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration demands the sperm donors to be tested for any kinds of pre-existing or acquired diseases. The sperm banks usually ask the donors to report them about their own medical history and in most cases the medical history of the family as well. Although there isn’t any requirement for genetic testing of the sperm of the donor, yet all other sorts of tests are definitely performed. Don’t buy sperm without checking all this.

Finally, only after you know the details about the donor that are mentioned above, you should make the decision of getting that sperm and using it to conceive. For any other question, you may have an open discussion with the owner of the sperm bank before deciding.

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